Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Industry

AI and Industry 4.0

The entire world is feeling the impact of established and emerging artificial intelligence techniques tools. This is transforming society and all areas of business including healthcare and biomedicine, retail and finance, transportation and auto, and all verticals. Marketing and communications is certainly being transformed through artificial intelligence techniques. Manufacturing is at the beginning of a major upheaval as automation and machine learning rewrite the rules of work. We are seeing applications in construction and additive manufacturing, as well as self-driving vehicles and industrial robotics. Robotic systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing collectively make up what is termed \”Industry 4.0.\” The first three stage were mechanization, mass production and basic automation.

The digital transformation of manufacturing and the supply chain means that data from factories is directly analyzed using AI technologies. EmTech Digital (short for emerging technology) produced by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology\’s Technology Review magazine, is an annual conference that examines the latest research on artificial-intelligence techniques, including deep learning, predictive modeling, reasoning and planning, and speech and pattern recognition. The 2016 event was especially interesting. To learn more about future events, go to:

EmTech Digital 2016 in San Francisco 

Artificial intelligence is already impacting every industry, powering search, social media, and smartphones and tracking personal health and finances. What’s ahead promises to be the greatest computing breakthrough of all time, yet it’s difficult to discern facts from hype. That is exactly what EmTech Digital tries to accomplish.

At the 2016 event a roundtable discussion on the State of AI was held with a panel of experts including:

  • Peter Norvig of Google
  • Andrew Ng (formerly) of Baidu
  • Oren Etzioni of the Allen Institute

The panel was moderated by MIT Technology Review editor in chief Jason Pontin.

State-of-the-Art AI: Building Tomorrow’s Intelligent Systems

Peter Norvig, Director of Research for Google, talks about developing state-of-the-art AI solutions for building tomorrow\’s intelligent systems.

Deep Learning in Practice: Speech Recognition and Beyond

Andrew Ng, formerly Chief Scientist with Baidu who in 2011 founded and led the Google Brain project, which built the largest deep-learning neural network systems at the time, discusses deploying deep learning solutions in practice with conversational AI and beyond.

AI for the Common Good

Oren Etzioni, CEO of the Allen Institute for AI, shares his vision for deploying AI technologies for the common good.

Videos courtesy of MIT Technology Review

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  1. Sarah Says:

    Very interesting videos, AI is the key topic in Industry 4.0, It's a real game changing. You explain the future impact of AI in a decent way. Yeah, It's transforming the world society and business even all sphere of our life. For who may want to learn more about how Ai is used in major indutries I found interesting this article:

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